Monday, May 13, 2013

More Open Sew dates announced for the summer

Please check the Classes tab above to see the new Open Sew dates AND see more retreats!

Next Open Sew: Tues. May 14

Happy Quilting!

May 14 Open Sew Cancelled

I'm so sorry, but I need to cancel the Open Sew that is scheduled for Tues, May 14.  Kirt had a Dr. appointment for his knee and obviously I am still his chauffeur.  I might be relieved of my duties after that! Woo hoo! He is doing great, once he really started following Dr's orders!

I am still plugging away on quilts, here is the first one done in May.

4 Patch Posy

Sorry it is such a small blurry image!  I sent it to my hubby's computer and it showed up really small!  You can see more pix at my other blog, Passionate Quilter.

Happy Quilting!