Meet Karen
aka "Passionate Quilter"

What can I say? I love quilting. I love fabric. I love playing in the scrap bins for hours and creating something pretty out of something that most would throw away. 

I'm a child of God, a wife (married to Kirt for 40years), Mom of 3 daughters, Nana to 6 of the most wonderful, beautiful grandchildren, daughter, sister, aunt and friend to many. 

Favorite things to do? what, besides quilt?  Travel...I love to travel all over, with girl friends (aren't girl friend retreats the best?), with hubby, with grandkids.  I love learning new things--quilt related anything, and techie things (like the computer....iPad...etc.).  They say you can stay young by continuing to learn. I figure I'm about age 12 now and am headed towards diapers again! :)  I recently switched from a PC to a Mac, so the learning curve has started all over again.  

AND one of my most favorite things to do is to teach others to obsess  learn quilting.  Seeing the light bulb moment is so exciting for me to see in others. Sharing my passion is just my way of carrying on the quilting in the world. Next step: the young.