Monday, January 26, 2015

A few date changes

Surprise! I seemed to have double booked a couple of dates! Thanks to keen eyes alerting me, I have changed the dates of some of the Open Sews and one Charity Sew IN day.  Here is the NEW LIST of DATES!

Wednesday Open Sews from 9 AM to 4 PM (*= a new date)

*Feb. 11
*Mar. 4
April 22
May 27

Wednesday Charity Sew In  from 10 AM to 4 PM and 6-9 PM

Jan. 28  --3D Rail Fence
*Feb. 18 -- Yellow Brick Rd.
March 25
April 29
May 20--TURN IN DAY!

For our next Charity Sew In day, we are doing the 3D Rail Fence. 1 ⅛ yards are needed of 3 colors, cut into 3" strips.

Hope you are staying warm and quilting away these winter days!

See you soon, Karen

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Charity Sew In--New Dates!

Happy New Year! I'm hoping everyone is inside sewing away now that winter has decided to make her appearance! AND that everyone is healthy!  That nasty flu/virus has hit almost everyone I know. I'm still on the recovery mode. I feel better other than being really tired still! LOL  

I'm working on the dates for the spring and thought I would get at least those posted so people can start planning!  

Here are the dates for the upcoming months for our Charity Sew Ins for Flying Horse Farms...

Always held on Wednesdays from 10-4 and 6-9....

Jan. 28-3D Rail Fence 

Feb. 25- Yellow Brick Road
Mar. 25-TBD
April 29-TBD
May 20-TBD--day to turn our quilts over to Snuggled in Hope for the Summer Camp Season-YEAH!

If you would like to do a Rail Fence quilt and have extra fabric, here is what you need:
1 ⅛ yards of a light fabric (it actually takes an exact 36")
1 ⅛ yards of a medium fabric (same)
1 ⅝ yards of a dark color (uses 57"), includes border. 
Cut all the yardage into 3" strips, including for the border. 

As always, donations of fabric, especially yardage (it takes 3 ½ yards for the backing), neutral fabrics, batting and thread are always welcome!

Saturdays from 10-5 PM
Jan. 10
Feb. 28
Mar. 28
April 25
May 23

Wednesdays 9 AM to 4 PM
Feb. 25
Mar. 25
April 22
May 27


As most of you know, I had rotator cuff and bicep repair surgery in November. I am now out of my sling, but still very limited. So preparing for classes is not possible. I'm going to concentrate on my therapy so I can have FULL use of my arm again! I will also continue with Open Sews to allow people to work on projects and have me available for questions. This is not a class time though. And of course, working on our quilts for Flying Horse Farms! There are a few secrets going on here about that and if you come to help, we will let you in on it! :)

Have a great and productive new year!

Hope to see you all here sewing away!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Charity Sew In this Wed. Dec. 3

Hi all,

I didn't forget about you, I'm still in a little bit of a drug induced fog! My attention span is like a little kid!  Anyway, thanks for all the prayers for my recent shoulder surgery. I think I'm getting along quite well. But I do thank God for pain killers. It's made it so much more tolerable!

I am up to doing another Charity Sew this Wed. Dec. 3 from 10-3 and 6-9.  I did shorten the day hours a little bit so I could take a nap. :)

We will be working on the YumYum quilt.

Yum Yum quilt

It requires (18) 2 ½" squares and (17) 6 ½" squares of a print fabric. and {gulp} 3.25 yards of a white on white or BG fabric. 

I might actually re-do the quilt to use less BG fabric, as yardage is the most precious commodity we don't have!  

So just bring 6 ½" and 2 ½" squares and any amount of BG or white on white you can bring. I'll have a different option based on the same quilt, but using less of the BG fabric. 

If you have another quilt you would like to work on, by all means bring it to work on. I'm just offering an option. You all have been so great in bringing a variety of quilts. Our count is quickly rising. 

As always, any fabric and batting donations are welcome.  It takes 3 ½ yards to do a backing and that's what we lack. 

Thank you to all who have been helping here and at home. Together, we can make an impact on these children and hopefully put some smiles on their faces!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Charity Sew In Cancelled

For those of you who don't know, I am having rotator cuff surgery tomorrow, Nov. 19.  And that was supposed to be our Sew In day. So obviously, it's cancelled for this month.  The next one will be Wed. Dec. 3 from 10-4 and 6-9, Lord willing!

We are moving right along with our quilt numbers! We now  have 13 completed quilts in house, several that are being quilted by others, 4 that are being bound and 7 more to quilt.

Thanks to our volunteers to date: Sandy S, Marcia L, Angie D, Valerie, Susan S, Susan B, Penny P, Penny R, Deb J, Michelle F, Natalie R, Mary Jo K, Linda J, Cheryl B, Mary W, Robin L, Connie T, Cathy B, Karen O, Deb B.  Without you, it would not be possible!

Here are a few shots of our last Sew In day:

Stay warm and keep quilting!
Hope to see you all on Wed. Dec. 3 for our next Sew In.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Charity SEW IN WED Oct. 29

Our next Charity Sew In is Wed. Oct. 29 from 10 AM to 4 PM and 6 PM to 9 PM

We will be making Granny Square Blocks

Granny Square Block
All squares are cut 2 ½"--use bright colored fabrics. Each round should be the same fabric, or at least the same color. 

Uses (1) center square--I am using yellow and will have enough to pass out. 
(4) squares of a medium color
(8) squares of a coordinating color
(12) squares of white

If you could bring squares to make at least 2 blocks, we might have enough to make one quilt. 
As usual though, you are welcome to bring anything to work on, AS LONG AS IT IS GOING TO BE DONATED TO SNUGGLED IN HOPE.  

I also need volunteers to help me do the quilting. I have 4 out of 14 done and will soon have more to quilt. I am having shoulder surgery on Nov. 19 and won't be able to quilt at all. We can use Khloe on our charity days and if you would like to come another time to help, that would be great too!  I'm hoping that I can sew bindings on after my surgery. But that remains to be seen! LOL

If you are in a fall cleaning mood and need to purge a little, here is what we can always use:

Background Fabrics
Large pieces of fabric for backings. It takes 3 1/2 yards to back these quilts. 
Batting. (the size we need is about 65" x 75"--if you would like to piece smaller pieces together, that would be great and save us time). 
Bright fabrics or fabrics suitable for 8-16 year old boys, any size. 

Fabrics need to be 100% cotton, per Snuggled in Hope guidelines. If you have any other fabric to donate, I'll be glad to take it and pass it on to a church that does use all types of fabric. 

Thanks again for all the help given, it will mean a lot to the kids receiving these quilts. 


Monday, October 6, 2014

Charity Sew In this Wednesday!

Our first Charity Sew In went really well! We got 3 quilt tops completed and 2 almost done!  And here it is, time for another round.

Charity Sew In
Wednesday October 8
10AM to 4 PM and 6PM to 9 PM

This time we are going to be working on Stepping Up.  Since we all tend to have more 'girly' fabric, I thought we could try to make a quilt for a boy.

Stepping Up

I know the graphic I showed isn't for a boy, but where the colored squares are shown will be in 'boy' like fabric. If you have a FQ that would be appropriate for boy, such as sports, animals or plaids, please bring it.  I will cut up the sashing strips (2 ½" strips).  The squares are cut 6 ½", so if you have scraps laying around that would be suitable for a boy and they measure at least 6 ½", you can bring them as well. 

I do have a few kits leftover from the last sew in, so if anyone is sew inclined to work on those, that would be great as well. 

We were so busy sewing that I forgot to take any good pictures of us in action! Which is a good thing I guess! :)  I will try harder to take at least a few pictures.  I thought I would only post the pictures of the finished quilts, but maybe I will show what we got done, no matter what level of completion we reached. 

If you know of anyone that would like to help in any way, please invite them to join us. We can always use runners and people to iron. 

As always, fabric donations are always appreciated. BUT we need 100% cotton fabric. And NO Holiday fabrics or baby fabrics. These kids are ages 5 to 15. Thank you so much for helping. 

I hope to see many of you here on Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gearing up for the FIRST CHARITY SEW IN!

I'm getting so excited to start the new Charity Sew In days! What, you say?  Click on the Flying Horse Farms tab above to read all about the new venture I am going to be working on at the Studio. Although I have done several charity quilts over the years, I have not worked for any organization on a regular basis. I started with Project Linus, but unfortunately, the local chapter folded last year. I thought about starting one myself and then I happened to be at a meeting where the guest speaker was talking about making charity quilts for Flying Horse Farms through their local quilt guild. I wanted to be part of it! I asked and now I am! Woohoo!

I wanted to be able to offer a place for other people to help with this project if they desired as well. If you do not sew, but would like to help, we could use people to iron and be runners.

Since this is new to me and the Studio, it might take a while to get in the groove.  But here is the tentative plan:

*I will open the Studio for the Charity Sew In day (see dates in the tab above) for anyone to come and help make quilts for FHF.  Please note that this is for charity sewing only! No personal sewing that day please. :)

*I will offer a simple pattern for people to make the quilts.  This does NOT mean you HAVE to do that pattern! Do you have an old quilt top that you would like to donate? That would work. Orphan blocks from an abandoned project? Bring them!  You are welcome to work on anything you like to be donated. 

*The quilts will be quilted on Khloe by me or anyone else who would like to give it a try!

*I have cleaned out my stash and have started a closet of fabric to be used in these quilts. If you have fabric or batting that you would like to donate, all the better!  I see a need for lots of light background fabrics and larger pieces of fabric for backings. So if you have any extra fabric to share, that would be great. 

*I will post the fabric needs for the next Sew In a few weeks ahead of time so you can get things ready, if you have fabric to share. Otherwise, we can dig into my closet!

*I will open the Studio for most of the day (with a time out for dinner). Come and go as your schedule permits. If you don't have all day to sew, that's okay. Any little bit helps. I will be here all day. 

The First Charity Sew In
Wednesday Sept. 24
10AM to 4 PM AND
6 PM to 9 PM
Optional Project: 
Walk Around the Square

Fabric Needs:
(96) 5" charm squares
1 ¾ yard of background fabric
(cut into (9) 2 ¾" strips, (3) 5" strips and (3) 3" strips)

Again, please note that you do not have to make this quilt. It's an option for people that don't have any idea in mind.