Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A BIG thank you!

Big thanks are due to a lot of people who helped make our part of Snuggled in Hope's quest to send every camper from Flying Horse Farms with a quilt. 

Here are the gals that helped make the beds with quilts in all the cabins:

Sandy S, Deb B, Linda J, Cheryl B, Sherry B, Karen Z
Candy D, Carole T, Karen W
And to all the helpers who either donated fabric, batting, organize the fabric,  time to make the quilts, bind the quilts and wash the quilts, we appreciate your generosity! It was a huge joint effort and with everyone pitching in, it made it possible to make 97 quilts since last September. We are hoping to be able to do that again this year!

Thanks again to all who helped:
Sandy S
Karen Z
Marcia L
Cheryl B
Linda J
Mary W
Lisa B
Susan B
Candy D
Karen O
Deb B
Deb J
Michelle F
Julie L
Natalie R
Mary Jo K
Janet S
Penny P
Robin L
Cathy B
Connie T
Sue S
Elizabeth R
Claire C
Sandy H
Marilyn S
Angie D 
Beth H
Penny R
Kyle H
Paula N
Nancy P
Nancy McD
Sherry B
Judy L

Here's to another year!