Sunday, December 1, 2019

Saturday Recap

Hi! It’s now Sunday after church and I’m going to recap what I actually got done vs. what I hoped to get done!

1. Make backings for 6 quilt tops for FHF
Got all the backings done!

2. Quilt 6 tops for FHF.  
Well, I got 5 out of 6 done for FHF. One of the tops needs to be re-sized up or down and needed their opinion of how they want to use it. So I did do a 6th quilt, but for me!

3. Make last of cosmetic bags for birthday gifts. 

4.  Finish blanket stitching Snowman Quilt.

5. Clean last two windows.
Not done! Let’s face it, who wants to clean when there is a lot of sewing that could be done! 😊 
6. Fix Checkerboard Rail Fence
DONE! In fact, this is one of the FHF quilts that I quilted. So, it’s not only fixed, but made a backing, quilted it and put the binding on the front!

7. Rearrange Raskogs for scrap projects. 
Not done. Hopefully this week I can get it done. 

8. Put bindings on 6 FHF quilts that I did this week! 
DONE! I should explain that when I say the bindings are done, they are sewn on the top by machine, they still need to be bound by hand to the back. Hopefully I can find volunteers to help me!

9. Put binding on 4 of my quilts.
Well, not these 4– but the one I just got quilted is TOTALLY finished! 

10. Re-design embroidery and trace for pillows for friends.
Not done. And I think I’m going to shelve this project to next year. Cutting it too close to when they need to be done. I should start them in January!! 
11. Make pillow tops for above
Not done— see above. 

So,that’s what I got done! Not bad, considering there was Thanksgiving in there, my sister was in town at Mom and Dad’s, Sheleah is home and we did a crafting party. OH— and I got the first clue  done for the Bonnie Hunter FROLIC Mystery Because I’m bored and have nothing else to do! πŸ˜‚ 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and NOW we can start listening to Christmas music! I’m going to take today off and go shopping with Sheleah and do some food prep for the upcoming week.