Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Monday’s Make a List

OOOPS! I thought I had scheduled this to post a week ago Monday— and I’m a bit late even updating that list and here I find it, in my draft box!  So— I’ll post what I had hoped to accomplish and what I did—all in one post!!

So, back again on Monday am...

Here are my goals for next week:
1. Quilt 6 quilts for FHF (I think they sent the backings so I don’t have to make those!)
DONE! All 6 of them

2. Do Clue #2 for the Mystery
DONE! Bonnie went easy on us, so was done in an hour!

3. Clean those last two windows! Really!
Nope! Sewing is more fun! Just keeping it real!

4. Rearrange Raskogs for my Scrappy L&E projects
Didn’t get to this one either....

5. Continue working on my 15/min. Day project (I’ll explain more later)
DONE! I worked on this every day.. enough to have my sashings done, I had to decide on a border, 
And now that is decided, I can continue. I’m going to miss making these. 

This is my 15 min./day project— I use 3” wide adding machine tape and just sew random
Pieces on it, then trim it down width wise and cut it to the right size for washing. I was amazed how quick they added up! I do tear the paper out when I cut it to the right size. I was so excited that I sewed the whole top together and now have to decide on borders.

6. Finish up an old UFO, Interlocking Squares
DONE! Wow— a 7-8 year old project! I made it the size that works for FHF, so killed 2 birds with one project!

7. Lay out Folk Art Stars and assemble. 
Didn’t get to this one. 

8. Layout and assemble 2wenty Thr3e Quilt
DONE! I pieced the blocks at a retreat about a year ago,who knows how long ago I 
Purchased the kit, but it’s now a flimsy!
(PS— not sure why blogger is loading all my photos side ways?)
I started pulling out old UFO’s and seeing what I could do to make them fit the FHF sizes. Oh my, I still have a lot! I thought I was knocking them out pretty well. I’m going to start working on those for December. 

I have a few other projects pulled out to do, but I’m not going to list them as I want to make my Weekly Goals obtainable! If I listed everything I had to get done, I’d be overwhelmed, so I’m just tackling things week by week

I also am making a list of what I’d like to do for ME next year. When I was doing a little re-arranging my studio, I came across a lot of patterns that I really would like to do for me! I spend a lot (well, MOST) of my time working on charity quilts and that’s okay. But there are still a few things left that I still want to do. I’m working on my Top 12 (one per month) list and will post it here— mainly to keep me accountable! I also have a list of long-term, ongoing projects so I don’t lose sight of those either. I think I just need to stay home for a while!

Here is an old UFO (from a block swap with my quilt group) that never got finished. As I was pulling out UFO’s, this was in the group. I played with the layout, trimmed the blocks and now just had to add the side triangles. I figured out the borders and pulled fabric to make it fit the FHF size requirements, a two for one! This is the Interlocking Blocks from the list above.

Now—to make my list for this week of December 9.

1. Rearrange Raskogs—I sure hope so!! 

2. Quilt 6 quilts for FHF.

3. Bind 6 quilts for FHF

4. Hand sew MY bindings x 3

5. Make borders for Scrappy Jeans

6. 15 minute sewing daily

7. Do Mystery #3 (from Bonnie Hunter)

8. Quilt Doris’ quilt (an elderly neighbor who knows I have a big machine, wanted to know if
I could “run” her quilt through my machine! 😊 

9. Layout and assemble Folk Art Christmas Star quilt

10. Do 4 more boy string blocks.