Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Charity SEW IN WED Oct. 29

Our next Charity Sew In is Wed. Oct. 29 from 10 AM to 4 PM and 6 PM to 9 PM

We will be making Granny Square Blocks

Granny Square Block
All squares are cut 2 ½"--use bright colored fabrics. Each round should be the same fabric, or at least the same color. 

Uses (1) center square--I am using yellow and will have enough to pass out. 
(4) squares of a medium color
(8) squares of a coordinating color
(12) squares of white

If you could bring squares to make at least 2 blocks, we might have enough to make one quilt. 
As usual though, you are welcome to bring anything to work on, AS LONG AS IT IS GOING TO BE DONATED TO SNUGGLED IN HOPE.  

I also need volunteers to help me do the quilting. I have 4 out of 14 done and will soon have more to quilt. I am having shoulder surgery on Nov. 19 and won't be able to quilt at all. We can use Khloe on our charity days and if you would like to come another time to help, that would be great too!  I'm hoping that I can sew bindings on after my surgery. But that remains to be seen! LOL

If you are in a fall cleaning mood and need to purge a little, here is what we can always use:

Background Fabrics
Large pieces of fabric for backings. It takes 3 1/2 yards to back these quilts. 
Batting. (the size we need is about 65" x 75"--if you would like to piece smaller pieces together, that would be great and save us time). 
Bright fabrics or fabrics suitable for 8-16 year old boys, any size. 

Fabrics need to be 100% cotton, per Snuggled in Hope guidelines. If you have any other fabric to donate, I'll be glad to take it and pass it on to a church that does use all types of fabric. 

Thanks again for all the help given, it will mean a lot to the kids receiving these quilts.