Tuesday, June 23, 2015

HELP! We need the last step done for the FHF quilts!


First of all, congratulations to all of you who helped in a major way with hitting the goal of at least 80 quilts. We exceeded that by almost 20 quilts!  We have a date to dress the beds, and if you were a part of helping us in any way (by sewing, donating fabric, batting or $$) you are invited to help us 

"Dress the Beds" on July 13 
 (Time to be announced later). 

These are just a few of the stacks of quilts!!

Why do I need help? All the quilts must now be washed.  This is done to get any residual chemicals from sizing, animal hairs and whatever off of the quilts for these kids. Some of them have allergies or sensitive skin and we don't want issues.  I would like to get as many people as I can to take quilts home and wash them with a mild detergent, and NO fabric softener. They can be dried in the dryer or on the line (as far as I know). And then they need to be returned to me on July 11. BECAUSE....

My Quilt Show this year is on Sunday, July 12! From 12-4. 

The Flying Horse Farms quilts will be the main attraction!  I figured it's a great way to advertise what we are doing and hopefully pick up a few more helpers!  And then the next day is when we dress the beds. We will also have my current quilts and those of students to view as well. 

So..our last get together for this batch of quilts is Tues. June 20 from 10-4.  If you could pick up some quilts that day to take home and wash, that would be AWESOME!  I also have some rag quilt kits available if anyone has time to sew.  You are welcome to take them home to sew (and wash) as long as they can be returned in time for the quilt show. Several of us cut up flannel to make rag quilts to sell at the quilt show to raise funds for more batting and thread.  

Do you have any quilted items that you don't need anymore? Wall hangings? Table runners? Baby quilts? Quilts that are too big for FHF?  Would you consider donating them to be sold to raise some money?  I know I went through all my things and although perfectly good, I just don't need that many quilts! LOL  So, if you have some and would like to use them for a good cause, let me know!

Hope you all are staying dry and are enjoying your summer. Please take a few moments to consider helping us out by washing some quilts. 100 is a lot of quilts to wash! So we need lots of helpers! 

Thanks and hope to see you on the 30th!