Thursday, May 17, 2012

Swoon-ing over these blocks!

I thought I was just making these blocks for me...but several people have seen them in my workroom and are hoping that they will be a class this fall.  So...I guess it will become a class sample!

Just a word of warning:  these blocks use FQ's and she has specific directions to cut them from a FQ.  SO...if you get your fabric from a chain store (i.e.. JoAnn's--who cuts to the VERY thread of what you want), get 19" and make your own large FQ's.  These blocks were made with Denyse Schmidt's line of fabric, I think it was Auntie Em or something like that.  But if you look real close at the block below, I had to piece scraps together to get my block because I had to trim it more than 1/8".  GRRR.. But I acted in the true spirit of quilting, and pieced my scraps and made due with what I had.  (honestly? I had to...they had no more of that plaid!)

I love the bigness of the blocks without looking Kindergarten, do you know what I mean? And they really are quite easy to do. And the best part? You only need 9---yes NINE--blocks to make a 80x80 quilt! Woo hoo!  Now we're talking!

 And do you want to see what else is on my design wall (aka ironing board right now)?  I'm not sure what this block is named, although it is 1/7 of a Seven Sisters block.  I am going on extended business trip with my hubby and there is going to be LOTS of down time, in airports, on planes, on trains and I wanted to take something to work on while waiting.  I am doing this by English Paper Piecing and am cutting up lots of my scraps to make it.

I figure for a twin/double size quilt, I will need 68 of these blocks!  I'm not sure I can get them all done on this trip, but I'm going to make as many as I can. 

I was inspired by this quilt...
here (I LOVE this website, by the could lost for hours here!)

I'm not fussy cutting many of my scraps, because I just don't have enough of the scraps to do that, but when I do, I will fussy cut them. 

Wish me luck! I'm sure my fingers will be calloused by the time I get back.