Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quilt Exhibition--mine!

1/3 of summer gone? How can that be?  As I write this, temps are rapidly climbing to hit 100 degrees! I hope most of you are in the pool or the cool A/C sewing! That's where I'm headed!  

For those that miss the monthly 

Open Sew
Saturday, July 14 from 9 AM to 4 PM. 

 It will be a salad potluck for those that like to participate.   Just let me know if you can make it.

BIG NEWS! I was asked a year ago if I would like to be the featured artist in the Kuhn Fine Art Gallery at Ohio State University, Marion campus.  Well, who wouldn't?  :)   My Quilt Exhibition started Monday, June 24 and will be there until Aug. 2.  It's open every weekday from 8-5, closed weekends.  There will be an

Open Reception on July 17 from 4-6 PM

 and EVERYONE is invited!  I feel so honored to have been chosen when I know there are several wonderful quilters locally.  It will be held at the Art Gallery at OSUM on St. Rt. 95 (It's in Morrill Hall)

Here are some of the photos of us hanging the show...

and my newest 'baby'.  who is really 3 years old! Yes! I looked it up and I started it 3 years ago! Shame on me.  It was aging on my design wall for over a year and thought it was time to get it done. Nothing like a little incentive of a quilt show to light a fire under my rear end! 

Hope to see you on the 14th--(remember? Open Sew) or the 17th!