Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First finish of the year

THIS is the year I will get a handle on my UFO's! A battle cry from many bloggers at this time of year. After the holidays, it's a great time to reorganize and get back on track with life again and so many of us are finding ourselves overloaded with too many quilt projects started and not enough finished. And I certainly fit in that category.

I need a quilt to give to a friend later this spring and was looking through my flimsies to see what I might have and found a quilt top that I made at LEAST 10 years ago, maybe even longer! I remember making it for the express purpose of practicing my machine quilting. Well, now I can practice doing my machine quilting on the long arm! And so I did, I loaded it up and practiced. Always striving to get just a little better each time.

And so I practiced doing free form feathers in the border, figure 8's in the narrow border and a semi loose style of McTavishing and swirly things in the center.

I finished quilting it last night and got the binding on this afternoon. I am posting this at 11 PM on the last day of January....just in time for Sew Its Finished! :)

Now on to February and trying to decide what on earth to do next! All the projects are calling my name. How to choose?

Stay warm and happy quilting!


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