Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Open Sew Dates

Yep, I'm doing it again.  Changing dates around. But I'm also adding a few more, so that's a good thing, right?

In case you haven't noticed, there are no classes listed other than a Khloe class, which is Monday, Feb. 11.  This is the year for my biannual quilt show and I would really love to encourage people to get their UFO's done in time for the show.  Bonus: YOU get your projects done! A win-win situation. So for the rest of the spring, I will be only offering Open Sews. I might offer a Beginning to Quilt class in later March, stay tuned for that.

Rules for Open Sew: Ha! there are no rules!  Seriously, if you have a project, even if it is not a class project, you are welcome to bring it to work on.  I will be available for advice. Please note though that this is not class time, so no new projects that need instruction.  Just a day of sewing without interruptions and having a great time with other quilters.

Tuesday Open Sews are bring your own lunch. Saturday Open Sews are generally potluck, although sometimes we place a carry out order somewhere and send someone after it. I will let you know the week of the Open Sew what the plan is.  All Open Sews are from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Tuesday Open Sews: Feb. 19, March 12, March 26
Saturday Open Sews:  March 2, April 6

I may add more in between those dates, so stay tuned. Make sure to sign up for emails from this website so you will always have the latest information!

By the way---we had an AWESOME RETREAT!  And there was lots of sewing, laughing and eating and GETTING THINGS DONE! Woo hoo!  Pictures to come later.

Happy Quilting!