Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Charity Sew In this Wed. Dec. 3

Hi all,

I didn't forget about you, I'm still in a little bit of a drug induced fog! My attention span is like a little kid!  Anyway, thanks for all the prayers for my recent shoulder surgery. I think I'm getting along quite well. But I do thank God for pain killers. It's made it so much more tolerable!

I am up to doing another Charity Sew this Wed. Dec. 3 from 10-3 and 6-9.  I did shorten the day hours a little bit so I could take a nap. :)

We will be working on the YumYum quilt.

Yum Yum quilt

It requires (18) 2 ½" squares and (17) 6 ½" squares of a print fabric. and {gulp} 3.25 yards of a white on white or BG fabric. 

I might actually re-do the quilt to use less BG fabric, as yardage is the most precious commodity we don't have!  

So just bring 6 ½" and 2 ½" squares and any amount of BG or white on white you can bring. I'll have a different option based on the same quilt, but using less of the BG fabric. 

If you have another quilt you would like to work on, by all means bring it to work on. I'm just offering an option. You all have been so great in bringing a variety of quilts. Our count is quickly rising. 

As always, any fabric and batting donations are welcome.  It takes 3 ½ yards to do a backing and that's what we lack. 

Thank you to all who have been helping here and at home. Together, we can make an impact on these children and hopefully put some smiles on their faces!