Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Charity Sew In--New Dates!

Happy New Year! I'm hoping everyone is inside sewing away now that winter has decided to make her appearance! AND that everyone is healthy!  That nasty flu/virus has hit almost everyone I know. I'm still on the recovery mode. I feel better other than being really tired still! LOL  

I'm working on the dates for the spring and thought I would get at least those posted so people can start planning!  

Here are the dates for the upcoming months for our Charity Sew Ins for Flying Horse Farms...

Always held on Wednesdays from 10-4 and 6-9....

Jan. 28-3D Rail Fence 

Feb. 25- Yellow Brick Road
Mar. 25-TBD
April 29-TBD
May 20-TBD--day to turn our quilts over to Snuggled in Hope for the Summer Camp Season-YEAH!

If you would like to do a Rail Fence quilt and have extra fabric, here is what you need:
1 ⅛ yards of a light fabric (it actually takes an exact 36")
1 ⅛ yards of a medium fabric (same)
1 ⅝ yards of a dark color (uses 57"), includes border. 
Cut all the yardage into 3" strips, including for the border. 

As always, donations of fabric, especially yardage (it takes 3 ½ yards for the backing), neutral fabrics, batting and thread are always welcome!

Saturdays from 10-5 PM
Jan. 10
Feb. 28
Mar. 28
April 25
May 23

Wednesdays 9 AM to 4 PM
Feb. 25
Mar. 25
April 22
May 27


As most of you know, I had rotator cuff and bicep repair surgery in November. I am now out of my sling, but still very limited. So preparing for classes is not possible. I'm going to concentrate on my therapy so I can have FULL use of my arm again! I will also continue with Open Sews to allow people to work on projects and have me available for questions. This is not a class time though. And of course, working on our quilts for Flying Horse Farms! There are a few secrets going on here about that and if you come to help, we will let you in on it! :)

Have a great and productive new year!

Hope to see you all here sewing away!